The company was founded in 1952 by Giovanna Vitali, in Milan, Italy.

Since the beginning of his business, his passion for floristry and interior design has influenced the development of luxury floral arrangements, each of which is a result of the highest quality standards combined with innovative design.

Donne Pazze makes showroom flower arrangements for the world’s leading brands based in Italy. It is a brand preferred by many hotels and also wedding organizations throughout Italy.

“Flowers for the whole world!” Donne Pazze, which continues its work with the slogan and is accepted, is the address to receive a quality, safe, customer-oriented and time-competing service.

Donne Pazze is an organization that transforms your feelings into the flower of your dreams and allows you to convey them even to your loved ones in the farthest places.

Our meticulousness regarding the quality of the product and the timely delivery of the order to the buyer are the indispensable principles of our services.

In all the countries we work in, our arrangements are designed by our professional florists in accordance with the latest trends.

We are happy to introduce our customers to Italy’s most modern and trendy designs in their flower orders.

Donne Pazze has a very practical functioning. When you want to send flowers to Istanbul from anywhere in the world, you can call us or order from our website, which is available 24 hours a day.

You can review our specially prepared catalogs, which include rich varieties, on our website.

In addition to providing this different service, Donne Pazze, which also contributes to the development of the floristry industry, has made it its mission to become a leader in the sector with its Italian-style modern arrangements and its effort to constantly renew itself and the industry.

Our aim; Our aim is to make our customers feel a little bit of the Mediterranean breeze with our products, to be with them on their happiest days and special moments with our products and to share our beautiful energy.

We want to serve you, our valued customers in Turkey, for many years with our modern, Italian style arrangements and our gift group that will be added to our website soon.

One day, if you want to turn your emotions into flowers; Donne Pazze is always with you. Our aim and wish is to share smiles.

Our company motto is; A happy customer is our most valuable reward!!